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Drive the golf ball straighter in 5 vids

We've spoken a bit about adding distance to your drives, it would seem a bit irresponsible of us to not touch on how you can keep the ball straight and inbounds!

Here are the x videos golfers here at Hole19 HQ would recommend to anyone looking to hit their drives straight and true.

Over-drawing the ball? Avoid hand/body separation

Slicing the ball? Here's a wizard 5-minute fix

Here's an anti-slice vid from Rick Shiels we're also into right now (we have a few slicing issues here)

Do you hit your irons straight but slice your driver? You aren't alone! Here's why it happens:

Here's a great one-stop video and 3 useful tips to help you find (and keep) your feel and rhythm with the driver

Hopefully, these will help you keep your driver on the straight and narrow. Looking to add more distance to your drive? Check out our favourite vids for increasing your driving distance.

Looking for a way to easily and accurately check your driving distances out on the course? Take a look at Hole19 Premium's Distance Tracker feature.