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Our Top 10 Reasons We Love The Masters

To many golf fans, The Masters is simply the best sporting event on Earth. Now, that's a pretty tall claim when you consider the World Cup, the Olympics, the SuperBowl, the World Series, and so on, but it's a claim that stacks up for us.

If you've ever arrived into work on Monday morning blurry-eyed and the tea-lady (if tea-ladies still exist) who won't watch another 5 minutes of golf all year asks...

'Well, did you watch it?'

You quickly realise the reach of The Masters is far and wide. In short, it's a golf tournament that transcends the sport.

We could wax lyrical about the first major championship of the year all day long. Instead, we thought we'd list our 10 standout reasons we LOVE The Masters.

Augusta National

Let's deal with the obvious right off the bat. One of the key reasons we look forward to The Masters each and every year is the outstanding beauty of Augusta National.

Designed by Bobby Jones, with the help of the legendary golf course architect Dr. Alister Mackenzie, this golf course is widely regarded as one of the most scenic the world has ever seen. The natural beauty at Augusta National helps to frame some of the most memorable golf holes in the world.

Putting the aesthetics to one side, the difficulty of the golfing challenge the course presents also makes for amazing TV.

Magnolia Lane

The drive up Magnolia Lane is viewed by many as the most famous drive in golf. As symbolic as it is awe-inspiring, the road to the Augusta National clubhouse is 330 yards long and lined with a canopy of magnolia trees dating back to the mid-1800s.

It's a ride many of us mere mortals can only dream about making, but we're more than happy to marvel from afar.

The Champions Dinner

The tradition of an elite band of previous Masters winners tucking into a dinner laid on by the previous champion is one that adds to the event's history and mystique.

It's been an annual tradition since 1952 and in recent years Masters Champions dinner guests have enjoyed Sergio Garcia's traditional Spanish lobster rice, Danny Willett's English cottage pies and Jordan Spieth's Texas barbecue.

Hideki Matsuyama, Japan's first winner of the Masters, unveiled a spectacular looking Champions Dinner menu this year.

The 'Augusta' Theme Song

Often played right at the start of television broadcasts, during ad breaks and when the leaderboard comes up on screen, the first listen of the 'Augusta' theme tune is enough to evoke memories of bygone Masters tournaments, dazzling azaleas in full bloom, perfectly manicured fairways and the spirit of optimism that only springtime brings.

It's a serene instrumental melody ingrained in the Masters broadcast and was written by Dave Loggins in 1981 before being used in the CBS telecast from 1982.

The Ceremonial Tee Shot

The very first ceremonial tee shot was hit by Jock Hutchison and Fred McLeod back in 1963. For many years, it was the trio of Sam Snead, Gene Sarazen and Byron Nelson and more recently Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus and the late, great Arnold Palmer.

As an eight-time major champion (including two Masters), Tom Watson will join Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player this year as an honorary starter for the 2022 Masters Tournament.

Again, it's another nod to the traditions of The Masters and, more broadly, the history of golf.

Amen Corner

Hole 11: White Dogwood, 505 yards, par 4.
‌‌Hole 12: Golden Bell, 155 yards, par 3.‌‌
Hole 13: Azalea, 510 yards, par 5.

Rather than for the entirety of the three potential card-wrecking holes listed above, the term 'Amen Corner' is in fact used collectively for the span of shots from the approach on the 11th hole through to the tee shot on 13.

The corner was first coined by Herbert Warren Wind in his 1958 Sports Illustrated article chronicling that year's tournament. Unlike some other manufactured nicknames in world sport, Amen Corner has regularly and mercilessly lived up to its name.

And we expect more of the same this year.

The Green Jacket

Sam Snead received the first Green Jacket back in 1949 as the winner of that year's Masters tournament. Whether you think it looks cool, or a bit naff, the Green Jacket is one of golf's most-coveted accolades.

We all love watching the presentation to each year’s winner in Butler Cabin. It's almost as unmissable at the tournament itself.

Four Days of Golfing Perfection

The Masters beguiles and charms every single golf fan. We can become utterly consumed for the entire four days of play. We live, breathe, eat and sleep golf from the early starters tee off on Thursday until the final putt is rolled in by our champion to a cocophony of applause.

The Masters Flutter

You can't let arguably the best sporting event of the year pass by and not have a few pounds (or equivalent) riding on your favourite golfer. Well, you could... but where's the fun in that?

A little Masters flutter never hurts to get you rooting for your guy just a little more feverishly.

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