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UK - the ‘Hole-In-One Capital’ of the world!

When it comes to the most elusive achievement in golf, the UK performs better than any other country in the world. That’s according to data compiled over three million rounds of golf played on Hole19, which found the UK has achieved more hole-in-one’s than any other country.

Through the Hole19 Global Golf Report, our first of this nature, we've compiled information from the app usage between April 2014 and January 2016, spanning over 50 countries. It found that, of the 6,400 hole in ones that have been recorded in this time, 15% have come from the UK. This puts the UK at the top of the league table with double that of its nearest rival Germany (7.5%). The other nations making up the top five are: Spain (4.7%), Australia (4.1%) and Ireland (4%).

“Amazing things happen on the golf course everyday but, without the ability to record and track the stats, individual moments and insights get lost. That is why we compiled the Hole19 Global Golf Report - to connect the world of golf and tell the stories of people, countries and courses that make the game what it is. Sharing experiences is as much a part of the game as the clubs and it’s vitally important players, regardless of geography or timezone, have a forum to do that.”

Anthony Douglas, Hole19 CEO & Founder

This report, which will be released biannually, looks at the global state of the game when it comes to on-course performance. It includes stats and information on: popular courses, pace of play, scores, fairways and greens in regulation, handicaps and course length.

Access the first Hole19 Global Golf Report here.


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