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5 of the Very Best Golf Wedges for 2022

At the beginning of each and every golf season, like many of you, we love to take a close look at the newest and shiniest golf clubs and consider how they might improve our game.

Recently, we covered off some of the best drivers and best game-improvement irons for 2022... now we're moving through the bag to focus on wedges.

If you're looking to level up your short game, check out some of the best wedges on the market in 2022 below.

Ping Glide 4.0 Wedges

Released earlier this month, Ping Glide 4.0 wedges are a great option for a wide spectrum of golfers. They offer higher-launching, higher-spinning performance and come stacked with all the tech you need to get a little helping hand around the greens.

Variation in the groove structure between different lofts helps to distribute debris to help maximise control on fuller shots. It also benefits from a rather more forgiving look at address when compared to the players-style Glide Forged Pro version.

Given the different lofts, grinds and bounce, you have 17 separate clubs to choose from making it easier to make a selection that's best suited to your game.

Cleveland RTX  ZipCore Wedges

Instead of using conventional one-piece construction, RTX ZipCore wedges use a new low-density material that is four times lighter than the steel it replaces within the lower hosel, collar, and sole section.

They surely look the part and are surprisingly forgiving at the same time. With many loft and grind options, they can get you 'zipping' the golf ball closer to the hole far more often.

Callaway MD5 JAWS Wedges

For golfers who seek more spin as well as better feel and power, the JAWS Mack Daddy 5 is a must for your shortlist.

The body is carbon steel and has a sleek clubhead for improved speed. The JAWS groove system also allows golfers to produce incredible spin rates from any angle.

Sharp edges require accurate ball-striking so golfers prone to fatting or blading their chip shots should give the MD5s a wide berth.

But, if you can hit them well, you will unlock some pretty awesome shot-making ability - with some serious BITE!!

Cleveland CBX 2 Wedges

A cavity back wedge with a low and deep centre of gravity, the CBX 2 is a solid option for any golfer looking for a mix of feel and forgiveness.

A wide v-shaped sole makes them ideal for bunker shots and for eliminating fat and thin shots from the fringe and further out. You'll also get impressive spin on full swings and shots around the green.

The CBX 2 is one of the most-forgiving wedge options available today and, for that reason, is likely more appealing to mid-high handicap golfers.

TaylorMade Hi-Toe RAW / RAW Big Foot

TaylorMade's hugely successful 'Hi-Toe' wedges also come with a option that incorporates patented RAW Face Technology.

RAW, which we first saw in the Milled Grind 2 wedges, is intended to rust over time in order to retain consistent spin throughout the wedge's life, while the tech also excels in wet conditions.

The Big Foot option has a wider sole for added forgiveness if you're a golfer who struggles with contact. The loft and the bounce is set in such a way to make fat shots a thing of the past.

Either of these wedges could be the perfect game-improvement companion when you're in the bunker or around the green.


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