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5 Great Golf Tips to Fix Your Slice Forever

One of the most common swing faults for amateur golfers is the dreaded slice. It robs you of all-important distance and can put us into 'position Z' on the golf course - far from ideal when you're striving to improve your golf game.

But how can you cure your slice once and for all? Of course, there's no magic wand in this respect, but we've found the next best thing - some great golf drills that actually work!

Sort out your grip

First up, Danny Maude looks at the driver and explains how many golfers may be pre-determining their slice due to a poor grip. Check out the problems he sees most often, and how to start gripping the club correctly.

Is your backswing the culprit?

Chris Ryan is next up with three helpful tips for you to consider in your backswing to curb the dreaded slice. 1. Have your glove logo pointing to the sky at the top of your backswing. 2. Improve the early rotation of your hips and your legs. 3. Guard against any lateral slide.

Create more depth

Another one from Chris here where he explains how a lack of depth in the backswing can all but guarantee an over-the-top move on the way back down. Sound familar? If so, create more depth through added rotation and feel like the grip of the club is a little more behind your heels at the top.

Learn to control your clubface

To hit iron shots more solid and less to the right, the angle of your clubface is absolutely key. If you can become more aware during all the checkpoints of your golf swing, you'll be more likely to present a square clubface at impact.

Faldo's quick fix

Sir Nick Faldo knows a thing or two about keeping the golf ball straight. Below he provides a few slice-busting tips. If you close your stance a touch at address, and in the downswing move your lead shoulder to the sky while releasing your trail arm - it could be a winner.

We hope you found some helpful advice within these five separate videos. A few of our golfers will certainly be hitting the range very soon keen to tame their own nasty slice.


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