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6 vids to help you escape greenside bunkers

You've just hit a dream of an approach. The ball is sailing through the air towards the green - a birdie opportunity beckons, you can almost see the headlines.

Then, horror, your ball drops on the bank of the green, grabs for a moment and then trickles back down into the greenside bunker. That vision of glory has quickly been replaced by the sense of impending doom.

Sound familiar? Yep, to us too.

Here are 6 videos we've been using to help us overcome our greenside bunker jitters:

First, a tip from 'Lord Short-game' himself

Legendary coach David Leadbitter takes us through 3 steps to success with longer greenside bunker shots

Tom Watson talks stance and weight placement

Don't leave it short. Here's how to tackle a 50-yard bunker shot

Peter Finch takes us through how to deal with a shot out of a high-lipped bunker

The blood freezing buried bunker's how to hit it with confidence

It's impossible to avoid every bunker, but at least with Hole19 by your side it'll never be because you chose the wrong club!

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