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8 Household Items to Help Improve Your Golf Swing at Home

It seems that many of us aren't going to be hitting the golf course any time soon and unless you are well stacked-up with golf training aids at home, working on your golf swing indoors could be a struggle.

What you might not know is that pretty much every household has at least a few items that can be used to work on certain aspects of your game. And while we're all confined to our own homes, they could help you keep working on your game.

Take a look at what we've come up with...


In almost every household you'll find a mirror of some sort which can provide great golf swing feedback. Ideally, you will use a full-length mirror to be able to see how your entire body works through the swing.

Butter Knife

To improve your short-game while you're indoors you can use a butter knife. This is great for helping you avoid your hands and wrists becoming too active when chipping and pitching.


If you become disconnected in the golf swing and the arms start working independently of the body you're on a slippery slope towards pretty inconsistent golf. A great way to work on reestablishing this connection is by using a towel between both shoulders and ensuring it doesn't fall out.


After the inclusion of the butter knife further up in our list, you'd be forgiven for thinking that we're just making our way through the cutlery drawer. Technically, you'd be right as this particular drill can be undertaken with a piece of cutlery of your choice.

Clothes Hanger

The humble clothes hanger is perfect for helping you improve your ability to compress the golf ball and hit pure golf shots that whistle off the clubface. Below friend of Hole19 Eric Coogorno takes you through this particular golf drill.

Foot Spray

Foot spray can help revitalise sore and tired feet, and it can also be perfect in helping you better understand your golf swing. Many of us can't get to the range right now, but if you have a net in the back garden and can hit full shots, then foot spray will help show where you're striking the ball on the clubface.

Stress Ball

This particular indoor drill is designed to help golfers who can't get to the range (usually in winter) transition their weight correctly to help avoid fat and thin shots. In these stressful times you could very well have a stress ball lying around - if so, check out this video below.

Your Phone

Is a phone a household item? For the purposes of this list, let's say yes!

In this digital age, almost every golfer will have a smartphone - either iPhone or Android - giving them the capability of recording their golf swing to get immediate feedback. The importance here though, is to ensure that the swing is recorded from the correct angle to give reliable feedback.

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