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8 of the Scariest Shots for Amateur Golfers 💀

Certain golf shots can strike fear into every golfer, irrespective of ability. These are nasty, horrible little blighters that can leave you quaking in your golf shoes.

Just in time for Halloween, we run down some of the most spine-chilling golf shots you can be faced with on a golf course. Unfortunately, dangers are lurking around every corner.

Next shot after a sh...!

A 'hosel rocket' is probably the ugliest shot in the game, and it has a more common name that we dare not mention for fear of afflicting us all.

You know its name; we know its name. Let's leave it at that. 🤭

In any case, addressing your next shot after having witnessed your ball shoot 90 degrees to your right is genuinely terrifying. Hitting two in a row just doesn't bear thinking about.

The long bunker shot

The 40-yard bunker shot is often viewed as one of the most challenging shots in golf, unless, of course, you're in a greenside bunker, in which case it's perfectly easy to skull one 40-yards over the green.

As your handicap falls, your confidence to play longer shots from the sand will increase. For now, you might just have to accept that it's a shot not for the faint-hearted, curse your luck and take your medicine.

Tee shot after they wave you through

Most golfers get first tee jitters, but this pales compared to the semi nervous wreck we can become when a slower group ahead calls us through.

You'll want to show them you know what you're at, but the stakes are high. It's immediately harder to focus and concentrate on hitting the ball well, as your heart thuds just a little more noticeably.

If you're lucky, you'll bomb one down the centre; what's equally possible is that you'll barely get past the forward tees and trudge off shaking your head.

May the odds be in your favour.

Flop shot from a bare lie

Find your ball on a bare lie and a chilling premonition of blading the ball will be hard to shake. Stick a bunker between you and the green and the already sky-high difficulty level goes up a notch.

The flop shot is a high-tariff option at the best of times. When you throw in a bare lie... ouch!

Long carry over water

Whether it be a par-3 tee shot to a well-protected green or a lengthy approach with little margin for error, it's a daunting prospect any time you need to carry a sizable water hazard.

It's one of the most nightmarish and nerve-jangling shots you'll face during your round, so, naturally, doubts will creep in - Don't fat it. Don't thin it. Do I need more club?

Sound familiar?

Double-breaking putt

A double-breaking putt is a pretty ghastly shot to face and avoiding a three-putt becomes of paramount importance.

It can make even the best putters nervous and, if you approach your first putt with a lack of confidence, you'll be faced with a lengthy proposition to get down in two.

The 'fried egg' bunker shot

Walking up to a greenside bunker - or any bunker for that matter - and finding that your ball has pulled a horrible plugged lie is one of golf's exasperating bad breaks.

The shot's difficulty lies in the fact that around half of the ball sits below the sand's surface. Added to that, it's not a shot many of us practice very often.

Rather than worrying about proximity to the hole, just make sure you get the ball out, or your buddies could end up cackling like a coven of Halloween witches.

Short putt to close out a win

It's often been said that there's a thin line between success and failure. Well then, you're on the very precipice of glorious victory as you stand over a knee-knocking three-foot putt.

The contrast of emotions between either making or not making it couldn't be starker. How are your nerves? Can you hold it together?

Suddenly, it now looks six-foot! 😱

Which other golf shots do you struggle with? Let us know in the comments below. In the meantime, a Happy Halloween from all here at Hole19 HQ.  


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