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8 Tips to Get More from Your Autumn Golf

In many countries, Autumn, or Fall, is arguably the most picturesque of golfing seasons. As we walk the tree-lined fairways of our local golf courses, often a riotous blaze of colour offers us a truly stunning backdrop.

While our own headquarters in Lisbon is bathed in glorious sunshine most months of the year, many of you - our beloved Hole19ers - may be faced with unsettled weather and vastly shorter daylight hours.

To help you all get the most from your golf over the next few months, check out a few of our Autumn/Fall golf tips below.

  1. Layer Up

Autumnal weather can vary pretty drastically, switching between a heavy rain shower one minute and warm, sunny spells the next. Layering up before you head out is a great way to prepare for all eventualities.

Also, no matter what the weatherman might have said, don't forget to pack your waterproofs. At this time of the year, the changeability of conditions can quickly see persistent light rain become an incessant downpour with little or no warning.

2. Stretch it out

The colder temperatures can impact your golf game in many ways, and one of those is physiological. Taking time to warm your body before teeing off will help you loosen up to hit better golf shots and lessen the likelihood of any severe muscle injury that could lead to a long lay-off.

3. Walk (if possible) to stay loose and warm

If you can, it makes sense to walk the golf course in Autumn's cooler temperatures. It's a great way to get the heart pumping and ensure that you're loose enough to hit your next shot.

As well as that, opportunities for exercise in Autumn/Winter may be a little harder to come by, so walking your round is a great way to blow away the cobwebs - both mental and physical.

4. Take more club

Cold air is denser and more compact than warm air. As a result, it's thicker and increases the resistance your golf ball faces.

If you find that every club loses 5, 10, 15 yards of total distance during the months of Autumn, you haven't suddenly lost swing speed. It's likely the cooler temperature having this effect.

As a result, you might need to club up.

5. Be realistic

Continuing to play through the latter months of the year could potentially see your scores start to rise. It's only to be expected that when your faced with less than perfect conditions, you'll post less than perfect numbers.

Don't worry. Treat this period as a time to relax and enjoy the colourful splendour of the great outdoors.

If you can revert your focus away from your game in between shots, you'll arrive at your ball calmer than if you had cursed yourself up and down for missing another fairway.

6. Have one eye on next season

Autumn is an excellent time of the year to start focusing on the stuff you struggled with the most through the main golf season.

With fewer people on the golf course, you could begin to try new shots, test out new equipment and generally experiment a bit more.

7. Play more short rounds

Shorter daylight hours, coupled with continuing work and family life commitments, will reduce your ability to play as many complete 18 hole rounds as you would like. Don't let that keep you away from the course, though.

Playing frequent shorter rounds - perhaps nine holes - will ensure you're getting the time to keep your game in shape while working on improving your areas of weakness.

8. Hit the 19th hole & review your round on Hole19

After you finish up on the final green, where possible, head for the clubhouse's warm, welcoming embrace. Next step: review your round on your trusty Hole19 app.

How many Stableford points did you manage? How was your performance off the tee? How many putts did you take? All this, and more, can be found in your Round Summary.


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