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Advanced Input for Android is here!

We’re pleased to announce that Advanced Input is now available to Hole19 golfers with Android phones.

Excited? Hopefully by the time you finish this blog and see exactly what you’re in for you will be.

(Just an FYI, you'll need to be on Hole19 app version v3.0.0 or more recent to use Advanced Input. Perhaps now's a good time to update.)

Here’s what you can look forward to with Advanced Input:

Customisable ‘My Bag’ feature
Tell us what’s in your bag with this new, customisable section; add clubs and your distances to each so you can track your game in even more detail.

Hole19 Advanced Input - My Bag

Club suggestion
Based on how you customise your ‘bag’, we’ll suggest which club should be used for any given shot. One glance down at your app and you’ll know immediately how far out you are, and which club should be in your hand.
Hole19 Advanced Input - Club Suggestion

Ball lie input
As well as the club, you use we’ll also record the lie of the ball. We’ll use this to help you understand which lies you most frequently find yourself in.
Hole19 Advanced Input - Lie Suggestion

Shot by shot tracking - Club by club stats
(Premium Users Only)
As you play your round you’ll input each club you use for each shot. We’ll take this information and turn it into stats so you can see how you perform with each club in your bag.

Only available for Hole19 Premium users.
Not tried Premium? Get it FREE for 30-days and test it out.

Hole19 Advanced Input - Stat tracking

There’s a tutorial mode Just to add to the ‘ease of use’ factor, Advanced Input has a tutorial mode that will tell you exactly what you need to do and when you need to do it.

We’ve also put together this ‘Quick Guide'. Of course, we’re right here if you need anything too.

Hole19 Advanced Input - Tutorial Mode

A great looking, easy to use, interface Ok so maybe we're a bit biased on this but we think it looks pretty darn good. Full credit to our design and product teams.

We’ve painstakingly tested the app out on the golf course with real golfers to make sure it’s up to scratch (no pun intended. Well maybe a little intended. Ok, we completely meant it.)

Are you on Hole19 app version v3.0.0 or more recent? No? Not Sure? Perhaps it’s time to update...

Update your Hole19 app

The Android version of Advanced Input works best on phones with Android 4.4 KitKat. Make sure you're up to date so you can get the most from us.

We hope that all our golfers on Android out there love the new feature.

You can find more information on how to use Advanced Input by clicking right here.

Got a question that needs answered? Feel free to get in touch with us.


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