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Quick Guide to a Mini-break in the Algarve

Even when you take the many stunning golf courses out of the equation there’s an awful lot to see, do and experience in the Algarve. Certainly too many to list.

So we spoke to some experienced Algarve goers and asked them to give us the ‘headlines’ on a trip to the Algarve - the things that really should be on everyone’s agenda when they pay the region a visit.

Here’s what they suggested:

  1. Hit the beach - You really are spoiled for choice in the Algarve when it comes to places to just kick-back in the sand. Among the top beaches we’ve been recommended are Falesia beach, Praia da Marinha and Praia da Rocha.

  2. Visit a fish market - Possible the most impressive and well known is in the Olhão region in the East of the Algarve Region. With near 100 vendors serving everything from fish to barnacles, if you want to experience a genuine flavour (and smell) of the Algarve be sure to add it to your itinerary

  3. Head out to sea - With an abundance of beaches it’s not surprising that watersports and activities are a big feature of the Algarve. There are plenty of water safaris and watersport options along the coast although booking is always recommended.

  4. Step back in time - The heritage of the region is etched across the buildings and thriving in the traditional crafts that have, largely, survived the test of time. There are numerous festivals and carnivals in the Algarve throughout the year, each paying homage to the origins and the traditions of the region. It’s worth checking out an event calendar before planning your trip.

  5. A walk on the wild side - Zoomarine is one of the most popular attractions and well worth considering. Get up close with dolphins, birds and sea lions; a real hit with the kids! With water slides and rides it’s a great place to wear out the ‘wee-ones’ and spend a day with the family.

  6. Take to the fairways - An obvious one maybe, especially coming from us, but it came up time and time again. If you’re in the area you have to take advantage of as many of the courses as you can before you head home. Looking for top venues to play? We’ve got a few suggestions...

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