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Announcing Shot Tracker - Premium Feature

It's 2021, and we've got some fantastic news that will help you improve your game! Our Premium Distance Tracker feature has been revamped, and it's got a shiny new name: Shot Tracker. But that's not all. As well as a different name, this feature offers many new functionalities to enhance your Hole19 Premium experience further!

As before, you will be able to measure your shot's distance as you walk to your ball, but now you can save each tracked shot - including club and lie - to your Club Stats. What's more, you'll also be able to share them to your feed!

Think you've hit your longest drive ever? Share it with your buddies, and remember to brag a little. You've earned it!

Shot Tracker will make it easy for you to measure how far and where you hit each of your clubs when you're not using Shot-by-shot Tracking. You'll immediately learn more about your game and be better equipped to work on your on-course strategy!  💪

How to Use Shot Tracker

Getting the hang of this feature is easy, and it'll be simple to use when you're playing your round. Check out our video tutorial below.

Remember to save your round in order to save your tracked shots to your club stats. You should see this information reflected in your Performance section.

Shot Tracker is available to Hole19 Premium Pro members on both iOS and Android devices. Upgrade now to take advantage of our full catalogue of game-enhancing features. You might be eligible for a FREE TRIAL so hit the button below!


This upgraded feature is only available on the smartphone app. For smartwatch, you will continue to have Distance Tracker if you are a Premium Pro or Wearables member. We will work to deliver you this enhancement in the future


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