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Apple Watch - Having trouble? We're working on it...

Recently, we've had a number of Hole19'ers get in touch with us to let us know they are experiencing issues when using the app with their Apple Watch. Specifically, using the Hole19 App on an Apple Watch running the OS4 operating system.

Here are some of the things you've told us about:

  • The score over par is not updating on the watch
  • Trouble changing hole
  • Scoring is not easy/sometimes is not possible at all
  • Strange behaviour resulting from communication issues between the watch and mobile phone
These issues appear to have crept in with the Apple Watch OS4 update.

As we type, the team's working furiously to get this fixed asap - it could take us a few weeks to get the app back to it's usual awesome levels of functionality.

We're sorry for any inconvenience this causes you, we'll do everything we can do get everything back to 100% as quickly as humanly possible.

Thanks for bearing with us!

Please be sure to keep your app updated to the latest version as we'll be releasing improvements as we go. If you have any feedback, or you'd like to report anything else to us, please get in touch on


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