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The Apple Watch App Has A New Look šŸ’Æ

We've released a new version of our app, making it easier to navigate the course when using the Apple Watch. All you have to do is update the app.

We're also giving you 30% OFF Premium Pro 1 Year - available this weekend only - so you can access the complete Hole19 Premium package, including our watch features...

• Watch Scoring
• Distance Tracker
• Auto-Change Hole

This powerful trio is the perfect addition to the full suite of smartphone features, including - Handicap Calculator, Shot Tracker, Premium Maps, Club Recommendation, Club Stats, Match Play, and more...

Hit the blue button to go to the Hole19 website, confirm that the code WATCH30 is applied, and grab your MASSIVE 30% OFF today.


How to use the promo code on the website:
1. Visit the Hole19 Premium Page.
2. Choose the 1 Year subscription plan.
3. Checkout using your promo code.
Visit our Help Center for more information.


The Hole19 Team