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Hole19 Apple Watch's update time!

We've made some changes to our Apple Watch golf app that we think you're really going to like. Why do we think that? Because all of our changes have been based on feedback we've received from golfers using the app on their Apple Watch!

As one of the very first golf Apps available on the Apple Watch, we take the satisfaction of our golfers extremely seriously.

Here's what you can expect from our latest update:

A fresh new look

A picture paints a thousand words. So we'll stop typing for a second and show you what it looks like:

Hole19 Apple iWatch Update

The new look also brings with it a new interface. We've changed things up to make the Hole19 app even easier for you to use during your golf round.

Here's how the new experience will flow:

Step 1: Check your distances

Hole19 Apple Watch Distances
As with the previous version, you'll still be able to quickly and easily check your distances on the Apple watch.

Ready to swipe to the next screen?

Step 2: Input your score and fairway information

Hole19 Apple Watch Score Input
Now you can input all your stroke, putts and tee shot information on one screen.

Step 3: Check your score and move onto the next hole

Hole19 Apple Watch Score
See how you're scoring in relation to par at a glance and then head onto the next hole.

Simple swipe to change hole
One that we know our Apple Watch users were hoping for - with this latest update you no longer need to enter a score to change holes. You can just swipe between them quickly and easily at your leisure.

Faster distance updates
Through some technical witchcraft, our product team has improved the way your app and your Apple Watch communicate with one another.

This means you'll now be able to see the distance update on your watch as you move towards your ball. Ideal for course management and mapping out your distances whilst you play, especially if you have course notes with Hole19 Premium (jot down the distance of that troublesome bunker so you never fall foul of it again.)

You may need to update your app to use the latest version...

Hole19 Apple iWatch Update

Watch this space for more updates (or perhaps just join us on Facebook. We'll announce everything there and it saves you having to explain to your boss why our blog is your screen.)

We're right here if you need anything.

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