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The Best Drivers in 2018?

When it comes to getting the most out of your golf game, the driver you put in your bag through 2018 could be the difference between a good year and a great one - as well as having your Hole19 app at the ready too of course!!

Choosing between the best drivers on the market is far from easy so we thought we'd pull together a little showcase relying on the reviews of some trusted golf pros.

Whether you're a low-handicapper or an improving golfer like many of us here at Hole19, there will be a 'big dog' out there to help shave a few shots off as the season progresses.

So then, money no object, which drivers are the best on the market that you could be considering this year. Let's have a look at the main contenders and get a review from some guys in the know:

Callaway Rogue (approx. £429/€489)

With its 'Jailbreak' technology the Callaway Rogue takes a huge leap forward in terms of performance and forgiveness. With that said, is its hefty price tag warranted? Who is their obvious target market?

Here, PGA pro and Youtube star Rick Shiels gives us his take on the Epic's successor:

Ping G400 Max (approx. £349/€399)

Over to Mark Crossfield this time for a review of the Ping G400 Max, and he's got some very interesting thoughts about this driver as it comes hot on the heels of its predecessor, the Ping G400.

It's undoubtedly a more forgiving golf club with its added tungsten weight at the back, but how does it perform in testing - and would he bag it? Catch the review below:

Cobra King F8 (approx. £329/€375)

The Cobra King F8 was released back in November 2017 and comes with a '100% CNC milled face' which sounds pretty cool but we think we'll leave all the technical golf tech explanation to golf coach Chris Ryan.

All we know is, when you've got Rickie Fowler sporting your clubs it's gonna guarantee plenty of style points.

TaylorMade M3/M4 (approx. £349/€399)

At the beginning of 2018, TaylorMade released their M3 & M4 golf club range to much fanfare. Cue Tour pro after Tour pro coming out to swear by the revolutionary TwistFace technology.

How do the drivers perform? Are they as forgiving on off-centred strikes as TaylorMade would have us believe? Over to Rick Shiels again...

Check out the M3 review below:

And now for the M4:

Titelist 917 D2 (approx. £349/€399)

Titleist might never have been known for their forgiving clubs, but this 'big stick' seems a little more so. Even for those of us with handicaps on the higher side, it could go easily go in the bag.

Is it right for you? Back to Mark Crossfield for his thoughts:

With so many drivers on the market (too many for us to include in this showcase) we focused only on the reviews of the 'best'. These drivers all have one thing in common - they're pretty pricey. In the coming weeks, we will zone in on the best budget 'big dogs' to help get the most 'bang for your buck'.

Which driver are you using in 2018? Have you one eye on an upgrade? Let us know below.

Whichever driver you bag this season, you can track your performance (and the distance of each tee shot) with the Hole19 golf app. Download for FREE today by clicking your app store button below.

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