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Best Game-Improvement Irons For 2018?

For the higher handicapper, it seems reasonable to suggest that taking our golf games to the next level requires a heck of a lot of determination, practice and patience. It's also helpful if we can give ourselves the best possible chance of levelling-up by having the best-suited golf club weaponry at our disposal.

This is where 'game-improvement irons' come in very useful...

We all look for golf equipment that can guarantee longer, straighter and altogether more accurate golf shots and, for the 'improving' golfer (like many of us at Hole19 HQ) if we can find a set of golfing irons bursting with forgiveness without compromising on distance, they're going to be right up our street,

There have been quite a few recent launches in the game-improvement irons market so, being the helpful sorts that we are, here are a few reviews that may help you decide which are best and, ultimately, drive that handicap southwards.

*All guide prices are for 7 club steel shaft sets

Titleist 718 AP1 (£749/€855)*

These classic looking irons are built with both distance and forgiveness in mind and Titleist believe they have combined both to improve on the previous 716 AP1 irons. What does Rick Shiels think? Catch his review below...

Callaway Rogue (£749/€855)

Mid to high handicappers looking for game-improvement irons with forgiveness and distance in abundance should, at the very least, have Callaway Rogues on their list of possible golf iron upgrades.

What does golf coach and PGA Pro Mark Crossfield think of them? Find out below...

Ping G400 (£680/€775)

Ping G400 irons are viewed by many reviewers as some of the easiest to hit game-improvement irons on the market. With a bigger face, they also provide better results on the off-centred strikes - music to the ears of some of the higher handicappers at Hole19 HQ.

Here's Chris Ryan to give his take on the clubs...

Wilson Staff D300 (£400/€455)

One thing that each of the previous three golfing iron options has in common is the fact they are by no means cheap. Life can be expensive enough without having to break the bank in pursuit of golfing improvement. A slightly more affordable option might be the Wilson Staff D300 irons.

Can they deliver on distance and forgiveness? Here's Rick again with another informative review...

Cobra King F8 (649/740)

The King F8 range of irons from Cobra was extremely well received when they were sent to market back in February. With all the hallmarks of a reliable, confidence-building set of golf clubs they could easily be in the mix for anyone looking to upgrade their golfing arsenal.

Chris Ryan is back with his thoughts on Cobra's latest game-improvement irons...

TaylorMade M4 (£649/€740)

OK, so we're all looking for forgiveness and consistent ball flight and that's what the TaylorMade M4 irons have in spades. And when you throw in impressive total distance and better control they become a solid contender for best game-improvement irons on the market.

Here's Mark Crossfield again with a 'live test' of Taylormade's latest release...

Are you in the market for new game-improvement irons? Have you a set of your own which you swear by and want to add to our list? Let us know below.

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