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5 of the Very Best Game Improvement Irons for 2022

For most mid-high handicappers, the level of forgiveness is often the number one decision-maker when buying a new set of irons. Lowering your handicap and beating your buddies becomes a lot easier with a helping hand from the clever tech in your golf equipment.

We've been looking at the best game-improvement irons in 2022 to help you find more greens and shoot lower scores.

Callaway Rogue ST Max OS

Mid-high handicappers should pay close attention to Callaway's new-for-2022 game-improvement irons. The Rogue ST Max OS is a larger club than the Max, leading to added forgiveness on off-centre strikes.

The irons boast an industry first high strength 450 AI Face Cup for faster ball speeds - and faster ball speed consistency across the face.

Wide soles, enhanced offset and a thicker top line help boost confidence at address. The Max OS is a high-launching, super-forgiving high-handicappers dream.

TaylorMade Stealth

In a bid to capture a larger section of the mid-high handicap market, TaylorMade comes at us with some pretty sleek-looking Stealth irons for 2022.

A new-look Cap Back Design with toe wrap construction helps improve face flexibility and deliver faster ball speeds. The sweet spot spans the common impact points, providing enhanced forgiveness and impressive ball speeds.

An ECHO Damping System spans the face to absorb unwanted vibrations, giving the Stealth iron a solid feel.  

Cobra King LTDx

The design of the Cobra LTDx irons includes a Pwr-Cor structure that places weight to optimise the CG location. Sat behind the preferred striking area, it encourages more face flex while also aiding feel and sound.

A polymer filler dampens vibrations and improves the feel at impact. The elastic rebound effect also increases ball speed and distance.

The clubs have jacked-up lofts that produce a penetrating ball flight and will perform for many mid-high handicappers. If you're on the lookout for a new set of game-improvement irons, get them on your shortlist.

Wilson Staff D9

Released back in January 2021, the Wilson Staff D9 irons offer the forgiveness game-improvers seek, at a value price point.

Wilson used a generative computer design process to intelligently produce hundreds of variations to find the perfect shaping and makeup. The recognisable Power Holes also get an upgrade in the new D9 model.

As expected in this category, the irons are designed to be confidence-inspiring and welcoming. Any mid-high handicap golfer looking for the greatest 'bang for their buck' should take note.

Ping G425

Ping G425 irons make use of Hyper 17-4 stainless steel to create a thin variable-thickness face with plenty of deflection at impact. The result is measurable speed gains and a higher launch with all-important stopping power to hold greens.

The G425s have a more compact head, while 3% more MOI should lead to tighter dispersion and forgiveness on off-centre strikes.

After a 2021 release, interest in this quality set of game-improvement irons seems set to continue. What's undeniable is that they're going to suit the eye of large swathes of higher handicap golfers.


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