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Master Your Game with Our Top Golf Drills for 2017

Practice may make perfect, but what makes perfect practice?

It's easy to head up to the local driving range, hit the bay with a few balls and smash them into next week. Fun, yes. Therapeutic, definitely. But not really the best way to sharpen your game.

To make real progress it's best to formulate a practice plan and fill it with routines that will steadily hone your skills. Here are our some of our favourites from the best golf drills out there:

A 'Spieth-worthy' drill to improve your putting stroke

Now hear's one to get you in control of your distances on the green:
Onto chipping and a great drill from our favourite Youtube Pro, Peter Finch
Working our way up, here's one to help you for master those tricky 'feel' approach shots
We loved this iron drill. After just a few driving range sessions with this drill our ball striking was much cleaner and more consistent.
Finally, a drill for the big dog (aka your driver)

It's important to track your progress at the range and on the course. At the practice range, a notepad will suffice but out on the course why not leave it to us?

The Hole19 App can track your stats and progress for you. If you're a Hole19 Premium user it'll even track your data club by club so you can really dial in on the areas of your game that need work.


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