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Get Sharp for the New Season: The Golf Drills we Love the Most

Over the past couple of years we've tried out all kinds of different practice games and drills. So, with Valentines approaching, we thought we'd share a few of the drills and exercises we love the most.

From driving drills that have helped us hit the ball further, to putting practice that's helped us to sink more putts, here are the exercises we just couldn't go on without:

First, here are a couple of our favourite distance adding drills for your driver:

Golfers at Hole19 have found they have gotten the best and fastest results from exercises that focus on improving ball striking.

Now, Valentines isn't usually a time we would advocate ditching anything. But when it comes to slicing the ball off the tee we're willing to make an exception.

Here's one exercise that has worked wonders for us slice-aholics:

Whilst we've been getting some great use out of the iron striking improvement exercises we shared, our golfers reported great improvement off the back of our long iron tips.

Here's a drill we've been using to help us keep down through our swing and hit our long irons further:

When it came to wedges, we really couldn't decide. We've put a number of chipping drills to the test and they have all helped us in some way. Here are the 7 best wedge practice exercises that have made the biggest difference.

Do you need help with long putts, or struggle with short putts most of all? For us, it's those short pressure putts that really hurt out putting average.

This 'clock' putting drill from renowned coach Dave Pelz is one all of us have added to our round warm-ups and practice sessions:

Check out our blog for more short putting practice suggestions that could help you hole out faster.

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