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Five of the Best Putters for 2019

While we can at times get all starry-eyed when it comes to checking out the newest driver releases and new sets of irons each year, we can all be a little bit guilty of overlooking a new putter when it comes to revamping our golf bag set-up.

That seems crazy when you think of it, because it's the one club in the bag that you'll hit somewhere between 25 & 35 times a round and can be the difference between a good round or a head-scratching one.

That's where a showcase of some of the best putters for 2019 might come in handy.  Check out five of this year's best short sticks...

TaylorMade Spider X

First up on our list, one of the best putters on Tour last year has received a bit of a revamp for 2019 as TaylorMade consulted with some of the best golfers in the world to enhance the look and feel of their new TaylorMade Spider X.

Released to celebrate the 10th anniversary since the first Spider putter hit the shelves back in 2008, this short stick has enhanced MOI (Moment of Inertia) meaning it's substantially more stable and ready to hit more putts on the intended line.  If you struggle to hit the centre of the putter face, the Spider X could be for you.

Odyssey O-Works Red/Black

One of the best putters on the market for 2019 remains the Odyssey O-Works Red/Black, even though they have been around for a little while now.

Having garnered the opinion of Tour players, these putters boast “microhinge” technology which helps reduce backspin from the golf ball sliding over the face at impact, as well as the impressive sound and feel of a soft elastomer insert.

Here's what Callaway have to say...

Scotty Cameron Phantom X

If you listen to the noises coming from Scotty Cameron HQ, the premium Phantom X range of putters are the most technologically advanced they have ever engineered.  Of course, they would say that, but what can't be denied is the fact that they are stunning.

One great feature is longer sight lines to help golfers with their alignment on the greens.  With five different head shapes - and if you have the cash to splash on a premium putter - all you have to do is decide on which one suits your eye best.

Ping Sigma 2 Range

Ping perhaps isn't as well known for putters as they are for their impressive irons and drivers, but they have attempted to redress the balance in 2019 with the Sigma 2 range.

With its new and innovative feature, which allows a golfer to adjust shaft length and a wide choice of head designs, we couldn't choose one particular model as the stand-out.   With that said, for those with back problems (or the lazy golfers among us), the Fetch model has a ball retrieval feature which will stop you having to bend down to get your ball from the hole.

Odyssey Stroke Lab

You will have heard of graphite in woods and irons, but how about gaming it in your putter?  The Odyssey Stroke Lab putter is mostly graphite in the shaft leading to a weight reduction of around 40 grams, with this then counter-balanced by increased weight in the grip which is designed to help the golfer achieve greater consistency in stroke.

The putters, Odyssey say, "help improve the golfer’s stroke, including backswing length, face angle at impact, head speed through impact and tempo, all through a profound change in weight distribution made possible by an innovative new shaft".

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