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How to create more clubhead speed & distance in 60 secs.

Is your driving distance making it hard to play golf? Does your 7 Iron go the same distance as your 5 Iron?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you need to increase your swing speed. One of the biggest factors for increasing distance is increased clubhead speed. There are many devices that calculate swing speed, providing necessary information for club fitters to properly fit equipment.

Teaching professionals use this information to correctly help a golfer improve and playing professionals use the data to work on distance control with wedges and much more.

The club speed of a Long Drive Competitor is up in the 150MPH category, while the average driver speed for PGA Tour players is between 115-120MPH. There are a select few players who can swing it in the 130’s but most dial back their speed for better accuracy.

The average amateur golfer swings the club between 80-90MPH with better players around 100MPH. The speed of your club, of course, directly affects the distance your golf ball will fly.

Total Golf Trainer

The question is, how do you increase club speed?

It all starts with the correct use of the ground and proper mechanics.

Amateur golfers have a tendency to swing too much with their arms and never learn the correct sequence of motion that produces “effortless power”.

There are many other sports that require this same sequence of motion to generate speed. A baseball player throwing or hitting a ball, a tennis player creating racket speed and many others. All these sports create speed using a correct sequence of motion starting with the lower body resulting in a powerful balanced swing.

The Total Golf Trainer Hip provides a trail setting that works on the correct sequence of the downswing, many better players and professionals fight the hips moving too fast or too early. It also provides instant feedback for a correct sequence of motion. The number one amateur fault is: not enough speed, rotation, and balance from the hips.

The Total Golf Trainer Hip has a lead hip setting that provides visual and physical feedback on hip rotation and lower body movement. If you work on the lower body sequence and rotation, you will increase your driving and iron distances.

  • Slide the TGT Hip over your belt or pants on your lead side or Trailside (insert the training rod)
  • The Lead Side setting for the training rod should be perpendicular to the target line
  • On the downswing rotate your hips, moving the TGT Hip back and around
  • There should be no contact to the training rod with correct hip rotation.
    *The Trail Side setting Training rod is parallel to the target line
    *On the Downswing get your arms back in front of the body for a correct sequence (eliminate getting struck)

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