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Casio Pro Trek Competition - Some of our favourites

Our competition and your chance to win a Casio Pro Trek Smartwatch has been going for a couple of weeks now and the entries have been pouring in!

Fancy winning a Pro Trek for yourself? Find out more, including how you can enter, right here.

Here's a selection of some of the toughest lies we've come across so far...

An errant tee shot left Andrew with a tricky second to a par 3...the green is to the right and about 5ft above the ball. How would you get out of this one??

Tricky lie behind a tree

Now, if this one's legit it's a real head scratcher. Nothing to do but baseball swing it out of there...

Tricky lie behind a tree

Liam left himself with a tricky second into a par 3, needing to go over the burn and hit out of thick rough. Hopefully he was left-handed or he might have gotten his feet wet...

Tricky lie behind a tree
Rob could have taken pity on his pal that topped his drive so hard it broke ground...but he wisely took a snap and uploaded it to Hole19...
Tricky lie behind a tree
There's a ball in there somewhere, with a not so convenient prickly protector...
Tricky lie behind a tree
Mole-hills are inconvenient at the best of times, but discovering your ball semi-submerged in the upturned earthy efforts of the little critter seems completely unnecessary...
Tricky lie behind a tree
The competition is running until the end of October, giving you plenty of time to find some tough lies, snap a pic and share it with us.

For more information, including all the details on how you can enter, click here.

NB - When you enter on the Hole19 App social feed, please be sure to include the hashtags we provide here, otherwise your entry won't be counted!


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