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Casio Pro Trek SmartWatch - Our Experience

Not long ago, we announced the arrival of Hole19 to the latest smartwatch offering from Casio - The Pro Trek.

We've of course tested the app out of the golf course, as we do (a lot) before we let anything out of the digital doors of Hole19 HQ. But recently we got to really put it through its paces during a semi-competitive round of golf at the brand new West Cliffs golf course in sunny Portugal.

A round with the Casio Pro Trek Smartwatch & Hole19 Golf App

Here's how we got on:

Battery life

We were playing some pretty anti-social which we mean we were often hitting the ball in somewhat opposite and, at times, wayward directions; so our round time reflects this - we clocked our total round at about 4.5 hours.

The ProTrek had more than enough juice to get us round the course and, by the time we finished, we even had some left to spare.


The ProTrek is a large smartwatch, which means that everything is even more visible (even in low light.) A few golfers we introduced the ProTrek wondered if it was a little too big; having played a few rounds with the ProTrek we can say for sure that this is not the case.

We loved the larger interface and found the watch to be unintrusive and really very comfortable.

Casio Pro Trek Watch face and distances
Also, as it supports our 'phone-free' app version, we were able to play our entire round without needing our mobile phone.


The Casio Pro Trek has military-grade levels of durability, so needless to say we were impressed with what it could take. And we didn't hold back.

It was dropped, shaken, swung around at speeds of over 100mph (repeatedly) and even ventured into undergrowth and water a few times. Each time it came back ready for more.


Being able to use the app without a mobile phone is just great. Add to that the reliability and the durability that the Pro Trek offers and the whole experience is really next-level.

Pro Trek Smartwatch & Hole19 at West Cliffs Golf Course
We love the look of the watch, and knowing that we don't have to worry so much about it taking a few knocks is a real bonus. It's durability makes it highly adaptable too; the outdoor enthusiasts amongst us at Hole19 HQ are planning on taking it on a few excursions to put it through its paces off the golf course.

We'll be taking it out on the course again for sure!


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