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Chipping & Wedge Practice: Generating backspin

We've all seen the pros do it; they're playing a chip or approach shot, they hit the ball and it looks to be traveling too fast or too far to get anywhere close to the hole.
Then, as if magnetised, the golf ball grabs the green, checks-up and comes to rest just a few feet from the hole.

It looks impressive but the fundamentals are actually quite straightforward.

Here are a few videos to help you backspin and stop the ball faster when you are approaching greens:

Keep things neutral and maximise your loft and club bounce...

Chopping down is the enemy of consistency...

Moving further from the green now

Avoid de-lofting, speed and maintaining the 'spin loft' is key to stopping the ball dead...

Short backswing and an aggressive finish will help you stop the ball faster...

The golfers amongst us at Hole19 HQ have already seen big improvements in their game around the green thanks to these drills.

Looking for some short-game practice tips? Here are a few chipping and short game drills we'd recommend if you're looking to improve your game around the greens.


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