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Golf Club Care - Cleaner clubs perform better

There are a few at Hole19 HQ that should really heed the advice of this this point, their clubs appear to be held together with rust, mud and sheer power of will (You know who you are!)

Keeping your golf clubs clean and pristine is quick, easy and won't only help them last longer, but will improve they way they perform.

Here are 5 quick videos on golf club care:

First off, Chris Ryan's going to tell you exactly why you need to keep your clubs clean...

Back to basics - here's how to get the job done with a good ol' brush and bucket...

Your club grips also need to be looked after. Tending to them regularly will ensure they last longer, saving you a potentially costly regripping...

Struggling with rust? No problem, this video is especially for you...

Man + Dremel = a newer than new looking golf club!

There are plenty of other cleaning gadgets and gizmos designed to help you keep your grooves clean and your clubs performing as they should!

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