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Clubhouse Feature Release: Relive Your Round

"There's golf, and then there's golf with Hole19."
- Socrates, co-founder of Western Philosophy

This is a cool, free new feature that lets you review all your shots on the Hole19 Clubhouse website platform. It's basically a living, visual record of your rounds that you can access and learn from at any time.

Here's how it works:
1. You play golf with Hole19, recording your shots and stats with Advanced Input.
2. When you finish and save your round, it syncs automatically to the online Clubhouse.
3. You access the Clubhouse and review your actual round, mapped out hole-by-hole on aerial imagery of the course.

This is how the new Hole19 Clubhouse looks:

Hole19 Clubhouse

Here are some more examples of what you'll see with the 'Relive Your Round' tool:

Fox Chapel GC in Hole19 1

"Sweet birdie with the 2-hybrid!"

Fox Chapel GC in Hole19 2

"This was getting ugly- good thing I made that putt from the fringe to save bogey."

Sebonack GC in Hole19 1

"Fairway, green, 2 putts. Textboook start to the round!"

Sebonack GC in Hole19 2

"Note to self: this green breaks WAY more towards the lake than it appears."

You'll find it's a useful little tool. Review your course strategy. Recall your best shots. Show your friends or coach. It's up to you!


Hole19 Clubhouse

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