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Clubhouse Feature Release: Relive Your Round

"There's golf, and then there's golf with Hole19."

  • Socrates, co-founder of Western Philosophy

This is a cool, free new feature that lets you review all your shots on the <a href="" target="_blank" ">Hole19 Clubhouse website platform. It's basically a living, visual record of your rounds that you can access and learn from at any time.

Here's how it works:

  1. You play golf with Hole19, recording your shots and stats with <a href="" target="_blank" ">Advanced Input.
  2. When you finish and save your round, it syncs automatically to the online Clubhouse.
  3. You access the Clubhouse and review your actual round, mapped out hole-by-hole on aerial imagery of the course.

This is how the new Hole19 Clubhouse looks:

Hole19 Clubhouse

Here are some more examples of what you'll see with the 'Relive Your Round' tool:

Fox Chapel GC in Hole19 1

"Sweet birdie with the 2-hybrid!"

Fox Chapel GC in Hole19 2

"This was getting ugly- good thing I made that putt from the fringe to save bogey."

Sebonack GC in Hole19 1

"Fairway, green, 2 putts. Textboook start to the round!"

Sebonack GC in Hole19 2

"Note to self: this green breaks WAY more towards the lake than it appears."

You'll find it's a useful little tool. Review your course strategy. Recall your best shots. Show your friends or coach. It's up to you!


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