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Covid-19: Is it Safe to Play Golf? (& Tips to Keep Your Golf Game Sharp at Home)

With the world in the throws of a coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, professional golf has ceased around the globe and many regions have introduced social distancing guidance that will have all Hole19ers wondering whether it's safe to play the game we all love.

While you must listen to the local advice for your area and act accordingly, a recent blog post from Golf Digest laid out many of the reasons you can still play golf during the coronavirus outbreak and find some welcome respite from the ongoing crisis.

In the article, a leading infectious disease epidemiologist stated her belief that golf should be safe to play as it is a sport with built-in 'social distancing'. If the golfer takes the proper precautions, there's no reason why they can't spend some quality time on the golf course.

Again, it is extremely important that you follow the governmental advice in your region as certain areas have introduced a ban on activities of any kind.

How Can I Play Golf Safely?

If you do manage to tee it up in the coming days (or weeks), here are some things you could do to limit your exposure - and the continued spread of the Covid-19 virus on the golf course:

• First (and most importantly) if you feel ill - STAY AT HOME!!
• Sanitise golf clubs and golf bag before setting out
• Keep your distance from others (6 feet +)
• If you're able to, you should walk the course
• Leave the flagstick in
• Use your gloved hand to handle items
• Do not share golf clubs
• Use the elbow bump

Keep Your Golf Game Sharp at Home

Due to these restrictions on social contact in certain parts of the world - many of you Hole19ers are going to struggle to get to the local driving range or short play facility.  With this in mind, and as more and more golf courses close, we've gathered together a list of our favourite indoor drills and tips to help keep your golf game sharp over the coming weeks and months.

Lock in Your Grip Changes

Mark Crossfield is first up to help you lock in any golf grip changes your trying to implement with this golf tip. It's all about repetition, repetition, repetition.

Work on Your Golf Fitness

To get the most from your golf game, and to ensure you minimise the chance of a niggling injury which keeps you off the golf course, you need to work on your golfing fitness.

Caroline Romero "The Fit Golfer Girl" has a simple golf workout with plenty of stretches that will help you improve your flexibility and range of motion to keep you fighting fit and help you hit the golf ball better than ever.

Practice Your Swing in the Mirror

One of the big benefits of practising your golf swing at home is that in many households you will have one of the best golf training aids immediately at your disposal: the humble mirror.

A rather fresh-faced Rick Shiels gives us this particular golf tip and explains how you can make the best use of your own full length mirror.

Work on Your Putting

This video from the Golf Channel helps you work on your putting when you can't leave the house. Martin Hall helps you work on your putter face at impact as well as advising you to spend good time on finding the right rhythm/tempo for your stroke.

Watch Your Favourite Golf Coaches/Youtube Stars

It looks likely that many of us will be spending more time than we would like indoors over the coming weeks so you could take this time to check in with your favourite golf coaches on Youtube.

Our particular favourite golf coach, and friend of Hole19, is Eric Cogorno. Check out his takeaway golf drills to help you work on the first few feet of your swing indoors.

In these unprecedented times, everyone here at Hole19 encourages each and every member of our community to look out for themselves, and one another, as much as possible. And if you can safely hit the golf course while doing this, it sounds like a perfect outcome to us.

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