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Craig Salter: 'Thursday Threads' Ep6 & BONUS Video

Get ready to revolutionise your golfing wardrobe as Craig Salter returns with episode six of his 'Thursday Threads' series and brings us a great review of some 'bold' golf clothing from British golf apparel company Bunker Mentality.

There's also a look at a few more 'clean & classic' items from the lesser-known Swedish brand Oscar Jacobson.

Get stuck into the latest episode below:

As a little bonus, we've also included the video of Craig's trip to the headquarters of Bunker Mentality to get a behind-the-scenes look at some additional current and upcoming lines.

Known for their modern-style golf apparel, if you're looking to inject a little colour into your golf game then check out Craig's interview with Bunker Mentality's creative director below:

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