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Cure Your Slice With These Great Golf Drills

One of the most common swing faults for amateur golfers is the dreaded slice. It robs us of all-important yardage and can put us into 'position Z' on the golf course - far from ideal when we're always striving to improve our golf game.

But how can you cure your slice once and for all? Of course, there's no magic wand in this respect, but we've found the next best thing - some great golf drills that actually work!

Get ready to eradicate your slice as you watch these great golf drills from some of the best professional golf coaches in the game.

First up, Rick Shiels makes sure you understand why a sliced golf shot happens and introduces you to his complete Fix Your Slice Guide.

Rick's second video in the series deals with several reasons why you could be delivering the clubface into impact in an open position. He considers grip, takeaway position and the follow-through.

The third video in Rick's complete guide focuses on getting the correct swing path. He touches on set-up, rotation and hitting at the best angle through the swing.

Even if you're doing everything above correctly, there's still a chance you could slice the golf ball if you strike it out of the heel. Rick ends his complete guide with golf tips to help you hit it out of the centre.

To give you some additional feels, in this video, Butch Harmon and Ricke Fowler both discuss the causes of the slice with the driver. A feeling of keeping your right shoulder back a little as you transfer your weight could help battle against an over-the-top movement.

Hank Haney builds on the video above and helps you understand the relation between swing path and clubface position. He has a great idea of how to get your path going more to the right.

The causes of a slice can often be routed back to the same few swing issues with the poor result often amplified by the driver. In this video though, Chris Ryan looks at ways to battle a slice with your irons.

We hope you find some helpful advice to fix your slice in the videos above. Get implementing these golf tips and before long you'll be finding fairways and greens with greater regularity.

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