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Dare to Be Different with Onzé Golf Socks

Onzé, a revolutionary Swiss sock brand, has launched its first collection. The designers of Sibling Socks have created technical socks with a modern design, high-performance yarn, and, most importantly, a creative approach that allows the new breed of golf personalities to shine on the course.

The launch collection features Onzé's bronzée and gelée lines. Both feature bold colours and strong geometric patterns, inspired by the scenery and colours of the company's Swiss Mountain home.

A little more background to the company: The founder, a golf enthusiast and sock lover, one day realised that there were no socks that married his goofy personality with the technical needs of a good golf sock. Fast forward a few months and onzé was born.

Onzé's quest to help golfers' personalities shine through on the golf course has led to the design of two separate golf sock styles. The 'stir it up' line is designed for stylish golfers who want to make an impact whilst playing, while there's a 'let's be discreet' option that keeps the boldness below shoe level in order to adhere to stricter on-course rules around dress code.

Both of these styles are available in four models.

  • No Show, which as the name suggests, doesn’t creep above shoe level.
  • Ankle Cover, your ankle with Onzé style, but let your legs run free.
  • Crew, a classic, but with the Onzé twist.
  • Over-the-calf, for those who just love socks, as a great winter warmer for the colder days on the course, or to ‘adhere’ to the knee-high sock rule in your own way.

The socks are made in Italy using technical fibres with elasticity to support the foot and ankle. The material has been designed for maximum durability and is, of course, fully machine washable. There's added sweat resistance built into the fabric to help eliminate the chance of nasty odours or blistering.

"The market is awash with high fashion, low quality socks. We wanted to bring the design and technical elements of sock design together, to offer something that not only looks good but performs." Mayssa Benchenaa, Head of Design

Onzé challenges the status quo in golf and helps us all remember that, when it comes to personality, there are no rules!

Onzé socks are available to purchase online at and from selected retailers across the UK and Europe.


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