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Desert Fox Phone Caddy Review

Desert Fox Golf are the creators of the Phone Caddy - An essential for your golf bag and ensuring you keep your phone safe and at your fingertips when riding in carts.

The phone caddy is a very simple invention but it allows you to keep your phone front and center when driving in your golf cart. It is the perfect companion for all of us who use Hole19 when out on the course. We took it out on the course to put the caddy through its paces.

The phone caddy is a brilliant product, that is a game changer for all cart golfers. The patent pending fully adjustable wings will fit almost any smartphone and cases on the market. It is compact, convenient and easy to store in your golf bag so you can always have it with you. It even comes with a microfiber bag too. We had some doubts about the durability of the caddy especially when transporting it in our bags, but the caddy stood up to all our misconceptions and proved to be a very durable and robust product.

The phone caddy is so easy to use and with an easily fasting system for your phone and to the cart, the caddy cradles your phone tightly and ensures it won’t come unstuck even over some of the more bumpy terrains.

Not only do Desert Fox produce standardised versions and ones with funny quotes, they also help fantastic causes such as Breast Cancer awareness and support of our Veteran’s and 1st Responders, with their own unique designs, they also share some of the profits with these great charities. A noble cause.

As well as that Desert Fox also can make phone caddies completely customisable with brand logos, quotes etc and there is no minimum order. These would be perfect as society gifts or for business golf days.

Genuinely, we think that the Desert Fox caddy is the perfect companion for Hole19 users, making using our GPS software seamless. If you are a push cart/trolley user the caddy’s can also easily attach to the umbrella holder.

They have a fantastic range of products - check them out here:

Phone Caddy $25

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