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Dial In Your Wedges With These Great Golf Tips

One sure-fire way to lower your handicap lies in developing an ability to hit wedge shots tight to the pin and leave a more makeable putt to close out the hole. When you're in the scoring zone it's important that you make the most of the opportunities that come your way, so we have gathered together a list of some great golf tips to dial in your wedges.

With helpful advice from some of the best, and most well-known golf pros in the game, these videos will help your golf game from 100 yards and in. Check them out below.

Of course, you need to make sure you're using the correct technique as you get closer to the green. Rick Shiels helps you increase your chances of stiffing it each time you're between 30-100 yards away from the hole.

Where should you have the ball positioned with your wedges? Dave Pelz explains why there's only one answer if you want consistent results.

To become a great wedge player you need to increase your likelihood of crisp contact. Eric Cogorno explains more below.

When you've got the contact nailed down, the next step will be to carry the correct distance on-demand. Rick Shiels helps you build a reliable system to hit your wedge shots to their intended target.

When the contact and system are sorted, lower-handicap players will be looking to take it to the next level. Being able to hit shots on different trajectories will add creativity to your game and give you more options on the golf course.

And finally, if you can get your wedge shots to 'bite' when they first land on the green you can really level-up your distance control and leave many more holeable putts. Chris Ryan rounds up our list with a few tips to help you do just that below.

Of course, you can only be precise if you know the correct yardage to the pin on each hole. Make sure you have the free Hole19 App downloaded and our GPS distances to front, middle and back of the green will help you hit your wedge shots closer.


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