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Eric Cogorno: Best Downswing Tips for Seniors

In this week's video, top golf coach Eric Cogorno gives senior golfers some great downswing tips to help improve their overall golf swing - particularly if faced with the reduced mobility which, unfortunately, comes to us all.

Getting older doesn't mean you can't still play good golf. But, how do you play your best golf when you don't have the mobility or clubhead speed you once had? Eric Cogorno's GOLF SWING FOR SENIORS MASTERCLASS is the solution.  

Check out his downswing tips for the senior golfer to get a feel for the program...


Specifically designed by Performance Golf Coach and Golf Influencer, Eric Cogorno, the GOLF SWING FOR SENIORS MASTER CLASS is a progressive program of the most current methods of maximizing movement and skills to preserve – and improve – your golf game as you age.

Unlike other one-off videos or quick fixes, this is a comprehensive program that takes you step-by-step through the process.

So, what's included in Eric Cogorno's GOLF SWING FOR SENIORS MASTER CLASS

Purchase now and get instant access to 16 videos of Eric walking you through the entire course. It's the same way he would guide you through the process if you were together at the range.

You'll learn:
-What's different for senior golfers
-Set Up, backswing, downswing and follow through checkpoints and moves specifically tailored for the senior golfer
-How to increase driver distance.
-How to master wedge distance control – a key to taking strokes off your score
-A 14-Day practice plan

Fancy More Great Golf Instruction?

Don't forget to head over to the Cogorno Golf YouTube page to check out the catalogue of videos jam-packed with Eric's informative and insightful golf tips which are sure to help your game.

Also, put Monday at 5:00 PM EST in your diary as this is the time for you to check in with Eric during his 'Rapid-Fire Golf With Eric Cogorno' live Q&A session where the main man talks all things golf.  Get a feel for these sessions by checking out last week's below...

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