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Eric Cogorno: Eliminate Your Slide With These Two Feels (And Bonus Video)

Eric Cogorno returns this week to tackle the issue of the lateral slide and, particularly, to help every golfer who suffers from this particular problem in the golf swing by offering up two feelings which are sure to improve their game.

Before you take a look at this week's instructional video, check out Eric's message to the Hole19 community where the man himself gives us all a bit of context to the title content.

One of the most comment faults in golf is that of a lateral slide when starting your downswing and if it's one you suffer from then you'll know that it's far from simple to eradicate it from your game completely.

Luckily, our good friend (and all-around golfing guru) Eric Cogorno has struggled with this very issue in his own golf game previously, so he's well-placed to bring us all two great 'feels' we can each employ to ensure we are rotating rather than sliding in the downswing.

BONUS VIDEO: The One Thing All Good Ball Strikers Do

As a bonus this week, we wanted to highlight a video Eric posted over the weekend in which he discusses the topic of good ball-striking and the one constant in every great ball-striker's golf swing.

If you're going to be more consistent in your own game, then you'll need to break the trend which suggests that over 90% of golf shots hit end up short of the target, with a sizable portion of those either starting or sliding right.

Check out Eric's helpful advice on the subject below...

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