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Eric Cogorno: Four Simple Drills For The Perfect Backswing

How's your golf swing coming along as we head towards the start of a new golfing season?  

If you're in need of a little fine-tuning in order to be as golf-ready as possible when your season begins, we have another great video from Eric Cogorno which we're sure each and every Hole19er will get something from.

Before you jump straight into the good stuff, check out Eric's message as he gives us an introduction to this week's content...

The backswing is crucial in getting you into a position to deliver the golf club into the downswing correctly and in a consistent, repeatable manner.  It's a movement that takes only a second or two, but its effect on your overall swing when completed correctly (or incorrectly) - and the ultimate result at impact - is immeasurable.

In this week's instructional video, Eric breaks down the individual checkpoints in the 'perfect backswing' and provides four simple drills to help each of us improve our own...

If you're thirsting after more great golf instruction, Eric goes live on his YouTube channel every Monday at 5:00 PM EST  with his 'All Things Golf With Eric Cogorno' where you can ask the main man any technical golf question you may have in a live setting to help improve your own golf game.  To get your question answered, make sure you tune in to next week's session.

Take a look at this week's Live Session below to get a feel for things...

If you're looking for more quality golf tips from Eric, make sure you head over to the Cogorno Golf YouTube page where you'll find many videos which are sure to help your golf game.

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