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Eric Cogorno: Gain More Power With These Extension Moves

If you're like any of the golfers here at Hole19 HQ, you'll be on a never-ending quest for more power and distance in your golf swing.  

With the assistance of Eric Cogorno's great golf tips, over the past few weeks we have discussed some different ways to smash the ball further and this time around we look at boosting the power in your swing with a few extension moves.

You can hit the ball farther, gain distance and gain power by learning to extend your body more. The more extension you have, the farther you will hit the ball. In this video, Eric goes through the key moves to get more extension in both your backswing and follow through and some feels that will help you incorporate them into your golf swing.

Check out the video below...

If, like plenty of other Hole19ers, you have been finding Eric's weekly videos helpful make sure you take a trip over to the main man's YouTube channel for further golf instruction that's bound to help you in your quest to play better golf and lower that handicap.

As we mention each week, put Monday at 5:00 PM EST in your diary as this is the time for you to check in with Eric during his 'Rapid-Fire Golf With Eric Cogorno' live Q&A session.  You can benefit from his vast technical golfing knowledge in a live setting and get your own technical golf questions answered to help you improve your own golf game.

Last week's live broadcast threw up some interesting questions...

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