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Eric Cogorno: How to Become an Elite Wedge Player (Part 1 & 2)

Gaining a solid wedge game is so crucial for any golfer aiming to improve their golf game, and we all must have an understanding of the fundamentals.

Eric Cogorno returns to help us level-up our wedge play and starts with a WEDGE SETUP video from Cogorno Golf's WEDGES & SHORT IRON MASTER CLASS. It's a 16-part video series that's all about getting the ball closer to the hole from 30-150 yards. It will teach you how to have consistently solid contact, build a distance-control system and control the trajectories with your wedges and short irons which will – in turn – lower your scores.

Now that you're on your way to mastering the wedge play setup, it's time to move on to part 2 in the series: SWING PLANE.

Troubleshoot Your Game - Cogorno Golf Master Classes

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Golf Swing For Seniors Master Class - Play great golf with reduced mobility/clubhead speed.

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When you've checked in with this week's video, you might want to take a look at the most recent episode of 'Rapid Fire Golf With Eric Cogorno'. If you don't already know, this is Eric's weekly live Q&A over on his Youtube channel where his followers get to ask any technical golf question they may have.

This week's session is below - there were some very interesting questions which came up, and any one of them could help your game.

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