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Eric Cogorno: Missing Link To Perfect Wrist Conditions

Have you ever wondered just how important your wrists are in your golf swing?  As it turns out... they're pretty important!!

In fact, without good wrist conditions you will find it extremely difficult to control the clubface and generate any real power through impact. And, of course, a lack of clubface control and/or shot power spells disaster for any burning desire you may have to get that handicap moving in the right direction.

Luckily, leading golf coach Eric Cogorno is here to give us all the missing link to perfect wrist conditions in the golf swing.  Check in with his latest video below...

Over the coming weeks, we'll be bringing you more of Eric's clear and insightful online instruction to help you refine and reshape your golf game.  So, regardless of your current skill level, with Eric's help via the varied content yet to come, you will learn how to more effectively play and practice on your personal quest for golfing improvement.

As an awesome additional bonus, Eric goes live on his YouTube channel every Thursday at 6:30PM ET to talk all things golf and answer any technical questions you may have.   It's a great opportunity for the man himself to interact with his audience and an even better chance for all of us to receive his golfing 'pearls of wisdom' in a live setting.

To whet your appetite a little, check out last week's Live Session and be sure to tune in to future broadcasts...

Keep an eye out for more Cogorno Golf content via the Hole19 blog each week and make sure you subscribe to Eric's YouTube channel to keep up-to-date with his latest videos. If you click the 'bell icon' you'll also get real-time notifications as and when new posts are uploaded.

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