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Eric Cogorno: How To Swing The Club Like Tommy Fleetwood (Right Hip)

It's Masters time again and one of the most intriguing players in the field this week will be Englishman Tommy Fleetwood so Eric Cogorno is here to analyse the current world number 13's swing and, in particular, highlights how he uses his right hip.

While this video might not have you teeing it up at Augusta National any time soon, by gaining an understanding of how Tommy swings the golf club you will be able to implement some of these beneficial moves and improve the rotation in your own swing.

Before jumping into the main video, check out Eric's message to our community of Hole19ers below where he gives a bit of context to the content...

Now, on with the main event.  Right now, Tommy Fleetwood has one of the hottest swings on the PGA Tour. In the following video, Eric shows you precisely what Tommy does with his right hip in his golf swing and how it lends to rotation.  He also provides some feels and checkpoints to help you incorporate the same moves into your golf swing.

Check out the video below for more on how to swing the golf club like Tommy Fleetwood...

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Last week's live broadcast threw up some interesting questions...

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