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Eric Cogorno: The Four Best Feels For More Hip Rotation

Hip rotation in the golf swing is key and for many of us amateur golfers, we need to gain more to make better contact, gain more speed and have better clubface control.

As top golf coach Eric Cogrono shows us in this week's video, the more open you can get your hips or pelvis relative to the target at the moment of impact the greater chance you will have to hit good shots.

If you can do this, you'll be in better shape to obtain that better speed, better contact and better clubface control. In the video, Eric takes you through four feels – right hip, left hip, left knee and left foot - that will help you increase hip rotation in your golf swing.

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Even More Great Golf Instruction

Don't forget to head over to the Cogorno Golf YouTube page to check out the catalogue of videos jam-packed with Eric's informative and insightful golf tips on many topics which are sure to help your game.

Also, put Monday at 5:00 PM EST in your diary as this is the time for you to check in with Eric during his 'Rapid-Fire Golf With Eric Cogorno' live Q&A session where the main man talks all things golf.  The most recent session is below...

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