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Eric Cogorno: The Only 3 Golf Drills You'll Ever Need

A lot of us amateur golfers can be plagued at different times by different golf swing flaws but what might not be so obvious to us is the fact that they often have the same root cause.

Once again, top golf coach (and friend of Hole19) Eric Cogorno is here to help unravel the mystery of the golf swing with another great instructional video.

In this week's session, Eric shows you three simple golf drills that will essentially eliminate 95% of swing flaws – which often stem from an open clubface and a steep downswing. The good news is that this problem is completely fixable with these drills.

If you enjoyed today's video, you'll find plenty of additional instructional content over on Eric's Youtube page so make sure to pay a visit to help get your game in shape.  Via the channel he shares his experience and passion for working with golfers at every level, while describing how to effectively practice and play golf.

Don't forget: every Monday at 5:00 PM EST Eric goes live on the channel with the ever-popular 'Rapid-Fire Golf With Eric Cogorno' live Q&A session.  To help iron out the flaws in your golf swing you can tune into next week's session and ask Eric any technical golf question you may have and all in a live setting

Check out last week's session below...

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