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Eric Cogorno: Two Drills To Instantly Fix Your Takeaway

Faults in the takeaway are incredibly destructive to the overall golf swing both in terms of quality and consistency of strike.  If you can't repeatedly make the compensations required to get back on track later in your swing, you're in deep, deep trouble.

A very common fault is too much roll. The hands will work away from the body, clubhead goes inside, there’s too much forearm roll, the face gets too open, and it sets up for a disaster.

For those golfers who struggle to get the first few feet of the golf swing correct, we have just the video for you.  Top golf coach Eric Cogorno returns this week with two separate drills to instantly fix your takeaway.

For even more insightful golf drills and tips be sure to check out  Eric's YouTube channel. Every Monday at 5:00 PM EST the main man goes live to answer all your technical golf swing questions with his 'Rapid Fire Golf With Eric Cogorno' series.  Get an immediate answer to your golfing query by making sure you tune in to next week's session.

Take a look at this week's 'Rapid Fire Golf' session below to whet your appetite for the next live show (Monday 1st April).

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