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Eric Cogorno: Why The Pros Hit The Ball So Solidly

To get to a level where we can hit the golf ball as solidly as the professionals is very likely the burning ambition of every amateur golfer pretty much everywhere.

If only there was a man who could help us all solve our own ball-striking dilemmas.  Well, as it happens, we know a guy.  Eric Cogorno returns this week (like the golfing superhero he is) with a great video to help us improve our contact and, in turn, gain a more reliable golf swing.

So how do the pros do it?

There are a few distinct things professional golfers do better than amateur golfers. In this week's video, Eric is focused on body movement – most specifically, how the body moves relative to the ground during the backswing and in transition. He takes a look at some of the best in the business in Adam Scott, Brooks Koepka, Dustin Johnson and Hideki Matsuyama to understand how they use these body movements and how you can incorporate the same moves into your own swing.

When you've checked in with this week's video, you might want to take a look at the most recent episode of 'Rapid Fire Golf With Eric Cogorno'.  If you don't already know, this is Eric's weekly live Q&A over on his Youtube channel where his followers get to ask any technical golf question they may have.

There were some very interesting questions which came up, and any one of them could help your game...

The next broadcast will be this Monday 3rd June at 5pm EST, so be sure to mark it in your diary and get your query answered.  It's a really great addition to Eric's channel and well worth checking in with.

Also, be sure to take a look the Cogorno Golf website where you'll find a massive catalogue of additional instructional content, and various pricing plans to suit your own pocket, as well as your individual golfing needs.  

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