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5 Simple videos to help you hit woods off the deck

When it comes to hitting fairway woods (or any wood) off 'the deck', we all want to 'rip-it-like-Ricky':

Now, we're not recommending that next time you pull the driver off the bag next time you're staring down a par-5 approach; hitting it off a tee can be enough of a challenge.

Instead, the golfers amongst us at Hole19 HQ would suggest taking a look at these 5 tips on how to get your fairway woods working for you.

We start with the troublesome 3-wood

Here, Peter breaks down the approach to the 3-wood off the deck vs. off a tee

Avoid the dreaded topped shot

Keeping the flight high into the green

And out the rough stuff (because, for some of us, driving the fairway is pipedream)

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