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9 (Totally Possible) Golf Headlines for 2015

  1. "Nicki Minaj 'declares war' on Katy Perry via snapchat over Rickie Fowler"

  2. "Tiger Woods kicks it with the Dalai Lama, signs unprecedented endorsement deal with Tibetan Buddhism"

  3. "Hank Haney's Tiger-ripping "we talkin' bout practice" Vine goes viral, book sales skyrocket"

  4. "Phil Mickelson considers California "much more valuable as an independent nation," won't rule out 2018 governor play"

  5. "Nike Golf and Clint Eastwood team up to launch team-based golf tour"

  6. "Bubba Watson receives left forearm tattoo as part of new bell bottom jeans endoresement deal"

  7. "Jeff Daniels and Olivia Munn sign on to broadcast the US Open as Will McAvoy and Sloan Sabbith."

  8. "Netflix makes power play over CBS in new $500M Masters deal, to charge for access to live coverage"

  9. "TaylorMade pays former NASA employee $2500 for rights to the @SuperVibratingSpeedPocket Twitter handle"

Which one of these is most likely? Jump in with your predictions in the comments.


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