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FootJoy Walk of Champions - Month 4 Winners!

Are you a Hole19 user in the UK? Want to get your hands on some FJ gear just for playing golf?

Open this page on your mobile phone and tap the button below:

Activate FootJoy Walk of Champions on your Hole19 App

The Walk of Champions is running right up until the end of the season and there are still plenty of prizes up for grabs.

Find out more, Visit our Footjoy Walk of Champions page.

Here are the lucky weekly winners who won a pair of FJ Performance Socks:

Charlie Plumbly
Jeremy Jones
Mark Maby
Charles Holt
Mark Grimwood
Andrew Williamson
Adam Farrelly
Gary Lawson
John Wade
Tom Soady
John de Braux
Michael Webber
Dean Eldred
Sam Hinchliffe
Cameron McIntyre
Stuart Wassall
Nick Dean
Cliff Fothergill
Graham Rawlings
Ian Littlewood
Richard Reid
Steve U
Chris Berry
James Reason
Steve White
Mark Haskins
Stephen Cooney
Harry Fletcher
Giles Wakeford
Scott Gridley
Scott Smith
Daniel Truman
richard pullin
Philip Wright
James Joyce
Jay Elliston
Rhys Williams
Andrew Watts
Jack Chappell
Michael Woodfine

Activate FootJoy Walk of Champions on your Hole19 App

This month's FootJoy Golf shoe winners:

Sam Hinchliffe
Chris Berry
Adam Dinsdale
John Clough
Chris Jensen
Adam Otway
Alfie Ayling
Thomas Houghton
Stephen Cooney
Tom Mott

Activate FootJoy Walk of Champions on your Hole19 App

We've sent an email to all our winners, but if you see your name on the list and haven't heard anything please get in touch

Congratulations to everyone and keep on stepping.

We've still got Footjoy shoes, socks and a grand prize to giveaway

We've been giving away FootJoy prizes every week and we're going to carry on for the entire season! Each month our top steppers and 5 lucky random walkers are winning FootJoy golf shoes.

Feel like winning some FootJoy gear?

Activate FootJoy Walk of Champions on your Hole19 App

Good Luck and Happy Golfing!

To find out more information and check out the leaderboards, visit our Footjoy Walk of Champions page.


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