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Danny Maude: Get An Effortless Driver Swing With These 3 Golf Tips

Learn how to hit the golf ball farther with an effortless golf swing. We golfers aren't built like Bryson De Chambeau, so let's focus on what things we can do to sneak a few extra yards out of every club in the bag without breaking our bodies.

To do so is easier than you might think, and in this week's video, Danny Maude shares 3 surprisingly simple golf tips that any golfer can use to hit the ball farther.

Danny's 3 step process that anyone can do starts with Golf Tip 1 - THE RESET - Develop Momentum! Golf Tip 2 shows you how to improve your driver strike to hit the driver farther, and Golf Tip 3 will help you take control of the clubface to get a great feel of how to hit the driver straight.


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