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Hole19 Premium: Upgrade Your Season

Hole19 Premium is full of useful features that can help you play your best golf ever in 2017.

From game-enriching advanced stats to the simple but effective distance tracker, Hole19 Premium will enhance your golfing experience...and you can try it for free!

Here's what you'll get when you upgrade to Hole19 Premium:

**Advanced Stats**

Get deeper insights into your game and progression over time. Trendline graphs allow you to track your key statistics such as Scoring, Driving Accuracy and much more.

**Distance Tracker**

Want to know how far you're driving the ball? Hole19 Premium's Distance Tracker is the accurate, quick and easy solution you're looking for.

**Premium Course Maps**

See the course and plan your shots with even more clarity - Our Premium maps provide a razor sharp, birds-eye view of the course.

**Club by Club stats**

Track your performance with each club in your bag for fantastic club management insight.


Improve your course management strategy by adding notes to any hole. Next time you tee it up, you can consult your notes and make a more confident decision before making your swing.


A showcase of the highlights of your golf career. Best Hole, Best Score, Most Played Course and much more.

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