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Golf Drills at Home

Having recently experience a round of golf in the torrential-rain and mighty gails of Hurricane Brian (needless to say, no great scores were posted that day) we thought we would share a few drills that'll help you improve your game from the comfort of your own home.

Here are some of our favourite at home golf drills:

3 innovative home putting drills that are going to help you square the putter face and align yourself more effectively...

You'll need a bit of outside space for this short chipping drill - this practice game promotes distance control and consistency in your wedge game...

Batter Up! Take a bat, a stick, something you can swing with and swing freely. It's amazing how natural swinging a bat is...

This one from Peter Finch is going to stop your wrists from breaking down during a chip, preventing duffs and encouraging a better ball strike...

A few suggestions from Mark Crossfield. No ball necessary, these drills are going to help you with your swing path.

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